33 Tafeldeko Ideen: So gestalten Sie den perfekten Geburtstagstisch – Fresh Ideen für das Interieur, Dekoration und Landschaft

Very often the beauty is hidden in the smallest details and sometimes it is these details that create a good mood and a festive atmosphere. This certainly applies to birthday table decorations at any age. No matter if it is just a birthday buffet or a whole birthday table, you should definitely take care of a nice decoration when organizing the birthday party. You can either leave this important task to a professional or design everything yourself – depending on the time and desire available. We would like to help you with these 33 great decoration ideas for your birthday and provide additional inspiration.

Colourful table decoration for baby and children’s birthday parties

Birthdays accompany us for a lifetime or the other way around. All the more important is this festive occasion at any age. In good company, with beautiful music and tasty drinks and food, life can be celebrated most beautifully. At the centre of every birthday party is the birthday table or the birthday buffet and these should be decorated to give the festive ambience that certain something.

Tafeldeko ideas for children’s birthday parties

kindergeburtstagsparty tafeldeko ideen mit konfeti girlanden

An atmospheric table decoration for children should definitely be colourful and playful. You can choose a motto for the birthday party that your child would like best. Often little girls prefer themes like mermaid, ballerina, unicorn or princess as their birthday motto. New, trendy figures from the world of children, such as Frozen for example, are definitely among the most popular motifs for little girls.



Beautiful table decoration “Frozen”

frozen kindergeburtstag ideen tafeldeko


Boys, on the other hand, are more into comic figures like Spiderman and Batman or pirates. Therefore, a maritime table decoration for your boy’s birthday would be the perfect decoration. Depending on your age and personal interests, you can then vary the birthday decoration accordingly.

Very nice color combination for such a table decoration – red, blue, white

maritime tafeldeko mit streifen kindergeburtstagstisch dekorieren

Blue and green are of course the most suitable colours for maritime table decorations. From birthday cakes to cupcakes and French macarons to chocolates and small decorative elements – everything can be beautifully designed and combined in these nuances. Decorative articles and symbols such as anchors, ship steering wheels, lighthouses, waves and ropes are naturally part of a successful table decoration in maritime style, and not only for a birthday.

Maritime table decoration also suits the birthday of adult men

maritim geburtstagsdeo tafeldeko ideen



Anchors, ropes, sails and lots of adventure

diy dekoideen tafeldeko geburtstagstisch dekorieren maritime dekoration

As long as you have fun and it tastes good!

anker motive geburtstagstisch dekorieren tafeldeko ideen

Soft pastel colours, soft fabrics and funny, playful balloons are suitable for the very little ones. It can also be set quietly on more gold, glitter and plush. The buffet or the table itself can be decorated with pink tulle like a ballerina skirt.

A shimmering wall decoration from garlands rounds the whole beautifully off

erster geburtstag tafeldeko ideen geburtstagstisch dekorien

erster geburtstag mädchen tafeldeko rosa gold

Stylish table decoration for young and young at heart adults

When decorating the birthday table for an adult’s birthday party, the challenge is a little greater. In the adult world, the demands are much higher and the birthday child already has his or her specific interests and world view. You definitely have to plan more time for organizing and designing.

If you are the birthday child yourself or know this person particularly well, it could become a lot easier. On the other hand, the ideas in our picture gallery can help you to create the right table decoration.

Simple, but very original – Tafeldeko in stripes

geburtstagsdeko ideen streifen tafeldeko

Set wonderful red accents through roses

tafeldeko geburtstag babyshower geburtstagstisch dekorieren

rote rosen tafeldeko geburtstagsdeko

Stripes are quite popular as patterns among adults and have recently become trendy again. If you want to give the birthday table more structure, it is advisable to use a striped tablecloth like the one shown above as a base and add some fresh colour accents with napkins, flowers or place cards.

Stripes are also very popular as wall decorations and simply look great

tafeldeko geburtstagstisch dekorieren streifen papierblumen wanddekoration

Of course stripes may also be coloured

tafeldeko geburtstag selber dekorieren bunte streifen

And in general: not only children love colourful decorations, but also many adults. It could be the fancy paper lamp shades and decorative flowers hanging from the ceiling or fragrant, fresh flowers and why not both? The main thing is colourful! Because, as you probably already know, colours play an important role for our mood and our general well-being. And they should be at the highest level on such a beautiful occasion as a birthday, shouldn’t they?

Colourful party decoration made of paper and tasty snacks

papierlampen papierdeko tafeldeko geburtstagstisch dekorieren

An entire rainbow of fresh flowers as an atmospheric table decoration

blumendeko tafeldeko regenbogen dekoideen mit blumen

Colourful, but a little more discreet is the hip Shabby Chic style. Often smoother shades are preferred, such as rosé quartz, cream and baby blue. Empty picture frames, cages, birdhouses and lots of lush flowers are just some of the many decorative elements of this style.

A birthday buffet at Shabby Chic fits the birthday of young and old

shabby chic stil tafeldeko geburtstagsdeko

Depending on season and motto you can also use additional decorative items

vintage tafeldeko ideen bilderrahmen naturholz eulen

DIY Tafeldeko ideas for an original birthday party

If you like to do handicrafts and can find enough time, then a DIY decoration for the festive birthday table is exactly the right thing. Provided the birth gas child himself likes homemade things. As a rule, almost everyone appreciates handmade decorations and if they are made with attention to detail, all your birthday guests will certainly like them. Here we have collected a few suggestions for you.

Take a look at everything in peace and let yourself be inspired by it. We wish you lots of fun and a wonderful birthday party with the matching table decoration!

How about a colorful DIY garland like this?

tafeldeko ideen bunte papierquasten cupcakes bonbons

The same effect can of course also be achieved with colourful balloons

regenbogen ballons tafeldeko ideen geburtstagstisch dekorieren

Some may even like it sunnier..

sonne ballons tafeldeko ideen geburtstagsbüffet

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Or do you prefer it a little more covered?

tafeldeko baby geburtstag geburtstagsdeko selber machen papier girlanden

Homemade paper bags are a great birthday wall decoration

tafeldeko shabby chic geburtstagsparty ideen

And it’s as easy as that to do these things

papiertüten selber machen tafeldeko geburtstag

Pompons and paper fans are also genuine DIY decoration classics

diy tafeldeko ideen mit papier geburtstagstisch dekorieren

tafeldeko ideen geburtstagstisch dekorieren

And umbrellas a crazy but very original idea

tafeldeko ideen geburtstagsdeko mit bunten schirmen

You can easily create entire photo walls from old picture frames

tafeldeko baby geburtstag büffet ideen

And some more festive table decoration ideas for real adventurers and nature lovers

tafeldeko afrika motive geburtstagstisch dekorieren

geburtstagsdeko tafeldeko ideen afrika

baumwolle tafeldeko ideen naturmaterialien geburtstagsdeko

strand tafeldeko geburtstagstisch dekoideen


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