Torten Deko aus Fondant – 30 Kunstwerke mit Fondant

Cake Decoration – Fondant is used to create spectacular cake decorations for any occasion

A suitable occasion can easily be found to prepare something delicious. Cakes are then always preferred. Their decoration, however, arouses fascination and makes the experience more exciting. Fondant is an easy way to create artistic decorations. Shall we have a look?!

Decorate cakes with fondant and create colorful mood

torten deko hervorragende blumen aus fondant

The preparation of a cake can be divided into two stages: On the one hand the baking itself and then the decoration. The preparation is based on culinary characteristics, while the decoration meets the aesthetic taste. Those who place a high value on the beautiful appearance of the cake know that fondant is a great helper in this case.



Decorate the cake as a gift

torten dekorieren wie ein geschenk mit fondant


What is fondant anyway? Fondant is prepared by mixing sugar and water together. After this sugar mass has cooled down, it is used to make any kind of figure. A distinction is indeed made between glazing fondant and modelling fondant. While the first can be used to glaze different bakery products, the second can be used to decorate cakes and tarts. From the Rollfondant you can model different figures and decorate desserts. If you like, you colour it and you get a fancy cake decoration.

Fondant figurines lend the cake a decorative value

torten deko aus fondant

Cakes stimulate all the senses in a special way. First they delight the eyes and only then do they justify the expectations for good taste. Before you can describe the cake as delicious, you have to appreciate its appearance. So who denies that the first impression also plays a role here? We are firmly convinced that cakes should arouse hunger through their appearance! Wanna bet?

Unusual wedding cake with fondant blossoms

torten dekorieren hochzeitstorte dekorieren mit fondant blumen



Snowflakes of fondant make the cake appear extraordinary

torten deko schneeflöckchen aus fondant

Pastry chefs do their work when they decorate cakes. Finding fun in the matter, however, is a must here. It doesn’t work without any feeling… Everyone who prepares a cake himself knows it from his own experience: Cakes are prepared for a special purpose and if the cake has to arouse emotions, it should also be decorated with a lot of feeling.

Make a special surprise for the birthday of your dear daughter

torten dekorieren torte für mädchen dekorieren

Depending on the occasion, fondant can be used to create different cakes decoration. The cake can be romantic if it is prepared for Valentine’s Day, or a little extravagant if the taste of the birthday child has to be met. With Fondant cookie cutter you can punch out any figure. Flowers and cute figures adorn the children’s cake and when it comes to a wedding cake, ribbons and ornamental ribbons are also applied.

Funny birthday cake for babies

torten dekorieren deko aus fondant für die kindertorte

Decorate wedding cake

torten deko zierband aus fondant für die hochzeitstorte

Although a cake tastes delicious, it doesn’t have such a high value for the eyes. And as we all know, the eyes always eat with us. So decorate your cake! This is how you invite everyone to taste them! Fortunately, the variety of themes in the decoration of cakes is multifaceted.

Stylish ideas with fondant

torten dekorieren mit fondant stilvolle tortendeko

The chocolate cake tastes better if you decorate it seductively

torten deko schokoladentorte mit dekoration aus fondant

Elegant fondant decoration for the wedding cake

torten dekorieren hochzeitstorte mit weiß schwarzen streifen und blumen

A children’s cake like from fairy tales is quite possible with decoration from fondant

torten deko ausgefallene torte mit dekorationaus fondant

Fondant is used to create cake decorations in any colour and for any occasion

torten deko aus fondant gemachte blumen

Girls cake in blatant colours

torten dekorieren kindertorte mit farbigen blumen

For those who like sweets, the fondant would also taste good

torten deko blumen aus fondant für tortendekoration

Tropical floral motifs for cake decoration

torten deko dekoideen mit fondant tropische torte

Making the wedding cake look charming with fondant flowers

torten dekorieren ausgefallene fondanttorte mit blumen

torten deko buchstaben aus fondant für die tortendeko

torten dekorieren frische tortendeko mit fondant

torten dekorieren farbige dekoideen mit fondant

torten dekorieren figuren aus fondant machen

torten dekorieren hello kitty deko aus fondant

torten dekorieren lustige ideen für die tortendeko

torten dekorieren ideen mit fondant für die hochzeitstorte

torten dekorieren mit blumen aus fondant ideen für die hochzeitstorte

torten dekorieren mit fondant ausgefallene kindertoree

torten dekorieren thematische deko aus fondant

torten deko geburtstagstorte lustig dekorieren mit fondant

torten deko geburtstagstorte mit fondant dekorieren farbig und lustig

torten deko mit fondant dekorieren


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