Trendige Farbpalette für 2019 – was geht, was bleibt? – Fresh Ideen für das Interieur, Dekoration und Landschaft

Honestly, now We do not have a crystal ball here in the editorial office and can hardly predict the near future. However, we follow the already existing trends in house design and can say which decoration trends will continue. Surely you also want to know which colour palette will dominate the interior design next year? Although much of fashion and design is changing fast, in this article we try to give you an insight into 6 trendy colour palettes that will be seen everywhere in 2020. The colour combinations shown here will soon prevail in many houses and determine the feeling of living. Shortly after deep ocean blue has been announced as color of the year 2019, the American company Sherwin-Williams presents us its Colormix forecast 2019.

It is advisable to follow the colour trends and always be up to date.

Trendige Farbpalette 2019

Here we would like to present six unique colour palettes, which should serve as inspiration for your trendy interior design next year. These have become established and want to tell us what the modern interior will look like in 2019. Each palette evokes a certain mood and has a personal character.



This is actually a cool mix of strong accent colours and versatile neutrals. These are great combined and bring the look in each room to a new level. Are you planning on repainting the walls of your home soon? Then the trendy colour palettes will help you to choose exactly the wall colour that is highly popular in 2019.

This dark blue creates depth in the room and brings some drama with it.

Moderner Raum trendige Farbpalette Dunkelblau


  • Dark blue and golden yellow tones conquer the interior as a trendy colour palette

This colour combination is definitely expressive, especially since the dark cabinets and brass frames came into the kitchen at the beginning of this year as a trend. This rich, vibrant palette is about colours that embrace the mystical. Therefore they spread a strange feeling for the invisible depths of the ocean and the celestial colors of the night sky that dominate here. In addition, the soft gold nuances coming from the wood surfaces try to balance the eye-catching look. Can you also feel the dramatic influence of these colours on the interior design?

A combo of deep blue and golden yellow nuances also brings a certain can of mysticism into the interior.

Trendige Farbpalette tiefes Blau goldgelbe Nuancen bringt Mystik ins Interieur

Such a colourful mix stimulates the senses.

Bunter Farbmix Grün Rot Gelbtöne trendige Farbpalette reizt die Sinne


  • Trendy colour palette as a powerful colour mix of green, red and yellow tones

Dear Minimalism fans, your time seems to be coming to an end here. Now the maximum colour effect is announced! Take a look at the picture above to see for yourself. There we have funny prints, sometimes light sometimes dark, which spread a cheerful attitude to life. The super saturated shades are simply irresistible. So don’t be afraid to use strong colours in your house design. This colourful palette of shades of red mixed with rich green, sunny yellow and blue is indeed impressive. This palette is all about handling unexpected, bold colours in the interior without reservation. The final result will definitely be unique.

Check patterns in warm shades radiate comfort.

Frisches Grasgrün aus den Tropen

  • Tropical green and pink create an eye-catching colour palette

Flower lovers watch out! Here is a great way to show off your obsession with green houseplants. Simply insert a lot of green into your four walls and combine it with subdued colours, for example nature-inspired neutrals, with flowers in delicate pink, yellow and deep green. This trendy colour palette makes every room shine.

If you use these neutral colours, you will create a classic design.

Neutrale Farbpalette klassisches Aussehen

  • Neutral colours with character are back in fashion in 2019

Neutral colours do not go out of fashion, they will stay in 2019! The latest neutrals are found in the mysteriously cloudy taupe colour palette, with subtle violet nuances that give these shades a truly seductive character. These colours could tell old stories inspired by Africa’s cultural wealth. If you still have certain doubts about using this colour palette in your own interior or not, let’s say it clearly. Yes, these neutrals will remain high again in 2019.

Does your dream room look the same? Mine too!

Trendige Farbpalette gedämpfte Pastellfarben

  • Muted and capricious pastel colours remain trendy in 2019 as well

Pastel shades have already become classic in interior design. Airy purple and blue shades will remain in 2019 and will be grounded by some stronger shades. Without further ado they lend a glamorous feeling to the entire room look. According to experts in interior design, this is an allusion to mid-century style and nostalgia. Now we have to look back to look forward. Well put, isn’t it?

This living room in earthy colours radiates a lot of warmth.

Schickes Wohnzimmer erdige Farbtöne viel Wärme ausstrahlen

  • Natural earth tones do not go out of fashion

Natural colour nuances will also remain fully in vogue next year. Eclectic is the name of the game here. Natural earth brown is mixed with grey-white tones and the resulting colour palette immediately attracts all eyes. There are mainly handmade souvenirs and special travel souvenirs, which complete the whole picture. This is something particularly suitable for all travel enthusiasts. This trendy colour palette is inspired by the desire to explore nature and introduce the spirit of wilderness into our four walls. This range of warm earth tones is classic and will probably never go out of fashion.

Now you know which colours will stay trendy next year. Which colour palette has already conquered your heart?


Natural earth brown looks good everywhere.

Natürliches Erdbraun Wüste sieht gut aus

Grass green like from the tropics and a delicate pink spread a romantic flair in the interior.

Karomuster warme Farbpalette strahlen Behaglichkeit aus

Colorful mandala patterns are experiencing their big comeback.

Farbenfrohe Mandala-Muster haben ihr großes Comeback

Tropical floral patterns should not be missing in the interior design next year.

Florale Muster tropisches Grün überall im Interieur einsetzen

Back to the cultural roots! Natural and earthy colors are back in!

Handgewebter Stoff erdiges Braun sehr warm und gemütlich


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