Spiegel verzieren – 22 kreative Ideen, wie Sie Ihrem Wohnbereich mehr Individualität verleihen

Mirrors decorate and for beautiful accents in the interior design provide

Today, we’re looking at another decorative idea for the apartment. It’s about how to give the mirror a decorative function. You can decorate it in different ways to enhance the room. You may be surprised at how much creativity you can apply when decorating a mirror. Let me see

Mirrors decorated with flowers – perfect decoration for the dressing table


Even mirrors can function as beautiful decoration in the apartment, but if these are additionally decorated, they provide beautiful eye-catchers in the room. Some of the projects below do not require any special skill, but for others you need some experience with a few DIY projects. We leave the choice to you, and with it the agony of how to stage the mirror decoration correctly in your home.



Decorate mirrors and hang them on the wall



A coloured mirror frame captivates the eye


Decorating mirrors with mosaic tiles

Do you like the beautiful appearance of the mosaic tiles? You could also use this technique for mirror decoration. The result is a colourful decoration that makes the mood cheerful.

Mosaic tiles with different flower patterns




Decorating mirrors with flowers

The mirror could also be decorated with flowers. For this, both fresh flowers and homemade blossoms made of paper or fabric are suitable.

Glue flowers to the mirror frame

Fresh decoration ideas for the mirror frame


Only decorate the underside of the mirror frame


Bring a summer mood home with the decoration

The mirror decoration could bring beautiful memories of the last summer into the ambience. Sea stars and shells are a great idea.

Decorate the mirror nobly


Create a summer atmosphere


Ensure a good gut feeling


Charming decoration idea on how to get rid of boredom


Mirror decoration with photos

Photos are often preferred as decoration. Photos can also be used to decorate the mirror frame. Every sight in the mirror also reminds of beautiful experiences.

Mirror and photo frame at the same time


Mirror decoration from recycled materials

Do you have old magazines, plastic spoons or bottle caps at home? Use them again and decorate the mirror frame. Clothes pegs could also perform this function.

Reusing old magazines


Creative handicrafts


Create coloured wall decoration


DIY ideas for wall mirrors


You can use clothespins too!


Unusual decoration ideas for the home


Wooden mirror decoration

What do you think of the rustic style? Then decorate the mirror with wooden elements. Combined with a fresh wall paint, everything looks fantastic!

Functional and decorative at the same time this wall mirror appears

Bring a fresh touch home with the mirror decoration!


Decorate wall mirrors, set wood accents


Mirror decoration made of rope

Make the wall mirror appear natural



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