Kürbis Deko – einfache DIY-Ideen bringen großen Effekt

kürbis deko diy ideen hochzeitsdekoration kürbisse

DIY ideas for an atmospheric pumpkin decoration in autumn

Many of you associate the pumpkin decoration with Halloween, don’t you? But pumpkins are actually among the most important decorative elements for autumnal decoration. Whether you want to create a table, wedding or outdoor decoration, you won’t be able to make it without these remarkable fruits.



Their round or oval shapes and the splendid warm colours ensure that the pumpkins are one of the most important items not only in the kitchen as tasty dishes, but also when decorating. Hardly any outdoor party or festival in autumn can do without pumpkin decoration. Pumpkins not only look great in their natural form, they can be arranged, decorated and redesigned in many different ways.

Enchanting, effective fruits for your autumnal decoration

kürbis deko diy ideen herbstlische dekoration kürbisse


Have a look at some very simple and smart decoration ideas with pumpkins. Maybe you’ve seen some of it before. But you will certainly also find new ideas and fresh inspiration. All these examples show how versatile and uncomplicated pumpkin decoration can be. In most cases you will need very few materials and your autumnal decoration will be ready in seconds.

Like this pumpkin-flowerpot

kürbis deko diy ideen tischdeko blumengesteck

Simply take a few colours, glitter powder, glue, napkins and brushes, the old, unusable sweater or a delicate lace and create beautiful pumpkin decorations with just a few steps. These are not only suitable for the harvest festival, but they will also create a wonderful autumn ambience throughout the season. You will introduce a cheerful, more homely atmosphere into your home and celebrate the golden autumn at the same time.

Design your entrance area in a rustic style with pumpkins in different shapes and fresh autumn flowers

kürbis deko diy ideen outdoor dekoration rustikal



The pumpkin decoration is indeed so sustainable and environmentally friendly that in most cases pumpkins can be consumed later. The magnificent fruits are particularly long-lived and remain in cooler rooms for several months.

So, get pumpkins of different sizes and colors and get started. You will be surprised how adaptable and multifunctional a pumpkin can be when it comes to autumnal decoration. And slowly you will also get the necessary dose of Halloween mood, because soon it is again so far.

Simply wrap the pumpkins in old knitted fabrics and tie them to the handle with jute ropes

kürbis deko diy ideen alte pullover

A few golden accents can work wonders with the pumpkin deco

kürbis deko diy ideen goldene getupfte kürbisse

You can also try it with black dots on gold

kürbis deko diy ideen kürbisse bemalen gold schwarze punkte

For those of you who like it happier and sweeter

kürbis deko diy ideen kürbisse färben zuckerstreusel

Chevron pattern fits particularly stylishly to wider pumpkins

kürbis deko diy ideen kürbisse gestalten chevron muster glitzer

Add a little more glitter and glamour to your home

kürbis deko diy ideen minikürbisse glitzerpulver

Cute lanterns can be made from miniature pumpkins

kürbis deko diy ideen minikürbisse windlichter

A fine, black tip on a white pumpkin – it can be as easy as that

kürbis deko diy ideen schwarze spitze

The napkin technique is also highly recommended here

kürbis deko diy ideen serviettentechnik decoupage

Cool vintage pumpkin decoration for the adventurous

kürbis deko diy ideen vintage dekoration alte koffer

The purists among you appreciate such a decoration

kürbis deko diy ideen weiße kürbisse srilvoll arrangieren

If you like it natural

kürbis deko diy ideen weiße kürbisse wald beeren zweige

Carve some flowers on your pumpkins

kürbis deko selber machen blumen schnitzen

You can also make them very colorful with a few splashes of paint

kürbis deko selber machen getupft farben

Very elegant with curved elements of steel wire

kürbis deko selber machen stahldraht

Play with shapes, colors and sizes

kürbis deko selber machen unterschiedliche farben größen

White pumpkins are particularly suitable for decoration in Shabby Chic style

kürbis deko selber weiße kürbisse vintage


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