20 Ideen für mehr Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag kamin samt

Festive, confidential atmosphere on Valentine’s Day

We all are to decorate on 14 February our dwellings festively, in order to as well as possible the Feststimmung to genießеn. There’s no meaning where you live! From the USA to the Near East, from Europe to South America, from Russia to South Africa, from Australia to Great Britain – the most important thing is to celebrate thematically and to love the romantic surprises!



Have you ever thought about which is the most romantic room at home? Is it the living room, the cellar, the bathroom or maybe the dining room? The right answer is the bedroom! We have to admit it was a fight between the bathroom and the bedroom, but the second one won. This is the intimate, personal room in our home, so consider very carefully the decoration there if you are planning a romantic night with your beloved!

Our next suggestions would help you to create a magical atmosphere in your bedroom.

More romance in the bedroom for Valentine’s Day

Romantik Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag weich licht


This is an effective way to spice up the ambience. But be attentive! Keep the light soft and subdued.

Glowing candles around the bed

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag metall gestell

Trick with the switch

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag schalter



If you want to pleasantly surprise your beloved, consider the idea for this switch. Imagine eating your supper and suddenly suggesting to him to go into the bedroom and there the surprise awaits you! The evening light dominates your consciousness… and what happens next depends only on your imagination..

Mirrors reflect the fabrics

Romantik Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag kronleuchter

Mirrors reflect the soft light and thus provide a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. They create a visual illusion of size and depth in space.

Elegant curtains and drapes

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag gardinen samt

Airy curtains

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag luftig

Needless to say, one should be very skilful and careful in combining window display decoration with interior design. If you live in a conurbation where light pollution is very intense, buy dark curtains. It’s better to enjoy candlelight than streetlighting.

Add canopy

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag beige farben

As we have already written above, you can use one of them to separate the exterior from the interior. Curtains or curtains keep the warmth and romantic touch.

Tender white curtains

Romantik Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag weiß luftig

The festive evening is of great importance on Valentine’s Day. Why don’t you choose something really provocative for this special night? Choose silk fabric and satin! Serenity, peace and intimacy will be created by you!

Cute pink color – red rose petals on the bed

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag baldachin rosa

If you can’t afford expensive silk and satin, use replacement satin. It offers the desired luxurious effect you want to create.

Thematic duvet and bed linen

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag kopfteil leder

Choosing the right color could affect your relationships. Pay special attention to the colours, otherwise you will spoil the whole ambience. Use pearls, gold and bronze tones. They symbolize the mature desires. On the contrary, the pink and red colours appeal to the young, wild passion of those who still feel young and fresh.

How do you like these folded patterns?

Romantik Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag bettdecke

The fabric of the bed linen also plays a very important role. Actually, every little detail is of the utmost importance. If you want to create a soft and comfortable look, use fabrics such as velvet and velour. Cover the pillows and duvets with these fabrics and admire the result. By candlelight the reflection of the velvet looks really romantic and confidential.

Decorative cushion with knitted covers

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag kissen stoff

Sometimes the vintage ideas seem to be grand when used in a modern interior design. If you like the classic, old-fashioned romanticism, try something new and get yourself thematic bedspreads and pillows. At least you get an extravagant ambience for Valentine’s Day.

Clean, fragrant bed linen

Romantik Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag weiß

Buying expensive accessories does not mean buying style and taste. If you want to save money, use your imagination and create your own bedding. The most important thing is to mix chic fabrics, which actually creates an interesting look. On the other hand, your lover would be very pleasantly surprised.

Soft lighting

Romantik Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag nachttischlampe

Adding a canopy refreshes the romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

Luxury and extravagance

Romantik im Schlafzimmer zum Valentinstag deckenbeleuchtung

Last but not least you will find suitable romantic music. It is not part of the decoration, but it contributes to the whole ambience in the bedroom. Enjoy this holiday by thematically decorating your bedroom. Have fun with it!

Golden accents and details for more shine

luxus seide licht design valentinstag violett

Oversized headboard

grau städtisch seidenstoff satin cool valentinstag

Peculiar chandelier – glass balls

 dunkel dramatisch pompös beleuchtung

Wall decoration for Valentine’s Day

 valentinstag schlafzimmer wand kunst herzen

Bold, saturated colors

valentinstag schlafzimmer farben bunt seide


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