Sofakissen peppen nicht nur das Sofa, sondern auch den gnzen Raum auf

stilvolles schwarzes sofa wunderschöne dekokissen

Chic sofa cushion pattern for a stunning interior

Have you had this old sofa for so long that the time has come to separate yourself from it? So you want to replace it with a new and more modern one. But instead of being made easier by the variety of sofa designs, are you having trouble with them?



! Who knew that buying a new sofa would be such a complicated choice! In addition to the sofa selection, there is another important decision – the selection of decorative cushions! Don’t forget these! And decorative cushion covers are also available in abundance. What would they be?

Combine black decorative cushions with light ones

ausgefallenes sofa wohnzimmer dekokissen schwarzer couchtisch


Decorate the brown sofa with fresh decorative cushion patterns

sofakissen braunes sofa schöne kissenbezüge

Decorative cushions for outdoor use, decorative cushions for bedrooms and children’s rooms… Decorative cushions can be found in any room. But today it’s about the sofa cushions – those that make up the sofa. Because without a decorative cushion, a sofa would look extremely empty, wouldn’t it? And be more uncomfortable, yeah? And so, it is clear that every sofa needs decoc iron. But what kind of decorative cushions should these be?

Match large and small decorative cushions to each other

sofa blau sofakissen neutraler wohnzimmerteppich



On a blue sofa a yellow decorative cushion stands simply perfectly! An elegant colour contrast is created

liegesofa blau dekokissen ziegelwand farbiger teppich

This of course depends to a large extent on the design of the sofa. Try to choose the colour and fabric of the sofa so that they look harmonious together! Because they’re just a whole! Your sofa needs to look stylish and chic, don’t you agree? So match the decorative cushions to the seat cushions and back cushions to achieve a perfect look.

Decorative cushion with geometric patterns

sofakissen elegant stilvoll couchtisch räder runder hocker tischdeko

Stylish deco cushions for the black leather sofa

schwarzes ledersofa elegantes wohnzimmer pflanzen

The decorative cushions help you to create an atmosphere of cosiness and hospitality. You can also change these regularly, e.g. with the seasons, so that you keep up with the latest trends in fabrics, colours and patterns. So you will always give your interior a contemporary look.

Coloured decorative cushions make the beige sofa look more lively

sofakissen elegant frisch farbig weiße sofas

Not only the decorative cushions are coloured, but also the sofa itself

sofakissen regalsystem wohnzimmer bunter teppich

Orange sofa, covered with decorative cushions, which give it more style and comfort

sofa dekokissen ovaler beistelltisch blumen

Decorative cushions with two sides are particularly practical

wohnzimmer interieur kuhfellteppich beistelltische dekokissen

Colourful decorative cushions bring more atmosphere

sofa dekokissen unterschiedliche muster schöne dekoideen

Combine different patterns with each other

sofakissen farbige kissenbezüge hellgrünes sofa pflanze

On a white sofa, every decorative cushion stands out well

sofakissen gelbes dekokissen runder couchtisch wohnzimmer

Combine decorative cushions made of different fabrics

sofakissen schöne kissenbezüge helles sofa runder couchtisch

Neutral colours combined with blatant shades can look particularly beautiful

sofa weiß dekokissen weißer wohnzimmerteppich hocker

These decorative cushions inscribe themselves wonderfully in the blue interior

wohnzimmer dekokissen vintage sofa runder couchtisch

Light grey sofa with colored decorative cushions decorate

sofakissen sofa dekorieren bilder blumen sisalteppich

Make a simple sofa look more attractive with a decorative cushion

sofakissen unterschiedlich runder couchtisch hocker

The simple decorative cushions let the brick wall come to the fore

sofakissen wohnzimmer sofa ziegelwand sisalteppich

Only two decorative cushions in one corner of the sofa

wohnzimmer elegantes braunes sofa ausgefallener couchtisch

Make the sofa look more elegant

ecksofa dekokissen elegant pflanze wohnzimmer

White sofa with decorative cushions in crass color is a successful decorative idea

wohnzimmer weißes sofa krasse dekokissen

Colourful round decorative cushions

wohnzimmer oranges sofa runde dekokissen wanddeko

Decorating the sofa in style

elegantes sofa dekokissen klappbarer beistelltisch sisalteppich


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